Concrete Cutting and Coring in Southern Ontario

Ontario Cutting & Coring Limited serves as contractors that specialize in concrete cutting, drilling, and the removal of concrete structures. Some of our specific services include:
  • Diamond core drilling – can drill holes from ¼” to 48” diameter at any depth
  • Flat sawing – slabs can be cut up to 32” in depth from the surface
  • Wall sawing – most walls can be cut up to 64” thick with access from both sides
  • Wire sawing – very versatile equipment that is virtually unlimited to size and depth that can be cut
  • Bursting – using hydraulic bursting heads, we can break out and remove machine bases
  • Removal – we offer a complete scope of concrete removal and total off-site disposal of slab on grade for pits, bases, service trenches, etc.

Ontario Cutting & Coring has the proper equipment for any concrete cutting or drilling job. We use hydraulic-powered, electrical-powered, diesel and propane-powered tools to accommodate any job situation.

Keep in Mind

By using water-cooled diamond tools, there is no dust or structural damage to the remaining structure. Cuts are neat and clean, and require little, if any, patch work which can be provided using pneumatic methods.

Vault Dismantling

One of the past projects we assisted with was the decommissioning of a building by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. This project included the demolition of an interior concrete vault used for testing radioactive materials.

There were several factors contributing to the difficulty of this project. First, the vault’s three-foot-thick elmanite concrete (which weighs twice as much as ordinary concrete) walls and roof were lined on the inside and outside with ½” steel plates. Also, due to the radiation danger, all coolant and debris had to be tested before it could be removed from the building. With our diamond wire sawing, we completed this project in one-third of the time that would have been required by conventional hammering methods.

Atomic Energy of Canada was so impressed by the speed and efficiency of the vault removal that they assigned us additional wire sawing projects on the spot.